Presenting the right impression of yourself to the world is crucial. Whether it’s a business website, student dissertation or blog post, spelling mistakes, bad grammar and sloppy punctuation stand out like a sore thumb, often pushing your message into the background.

From advertising to manuscripts, websites to catalogues, corporate reports to restaurant menus, I can help you get it right. After all, nothing says professionalism like a piece of perfectly written and presented copy.

I offer a friendly and reliable proofreading and basic editing service. You can trust me to weed out all those little typos and wayward apostrophes (as well as eliminate any language, format and design inconsistencies) to ensure your communications are as slick as they can be.

Two decades of experience in the publishing and advertising industries has given me eagle eyes, fastidious attention to detail and an appreciation of a deadline.  Why not let my experience work for you?